NAU scientists help chart a path to understand how Arctic vegetation is changing

“We’re confident the Arctic is greening, but we want to do a better job incorporating new satellite and drone remote sensing data with field measurements to understand where, why and how vegetation is changing across the Arctic domain.” — Logan Berner

New research published in Nature Climate Change  brings together remote sensing scientists and field ecologists to provide a better understanding of how vegetation is changing throughout the Arctic.

GEODE lead Scott Goetz and assistant research professor Logan Berner collaborated with 38 other co-authors to lay out a research framework to better characterize how vegetation changes vary across space and time and among various satellite data sets, as well as how the changes are interpreted and integrated with field measurements.

“The aim of this research is ultimately to understand how satellites can provide better information on how much carbon is being removed from the atmosphere by Arctic vegetation relative to how much carbon is being released through permafrost thawing and fire. What is mitigating additional warming and what is exacerbating additional warming?” — Scott Goetz

Read the full article: Complexity revealed in the greening of the Arctic, or coverage from NAU News

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